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Locking XTerra Vortex Wetsuit $335.00

SUP wetsuit

We have teamed up with the great folks at XTERRA Wetsuits to offer you one of the best wetsuits on earth customized to retain your prosthesis in the most extreme water conditions. With a few measurements from you we mold a polyurethane cup to the wetsuit where your socket ends. The polyurethane cup is mechanically and chemically bonded directly to the wetsuit making a union that is stronger than the neoprene. The molded cup uses an integrated locking system  making it nearly impossible for your prosthesis to detach while in the water.



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LAVA PANTS from XTerra $220.00

Lava Pants

No need to be hot all summer. You now can get Lava pants converted for your summer water fun. Have the added security of knowing your leg will not fall off.







-- Please measure circumference of the bottom of your socket and measure your inseam getting two measurements; 1. to the bottom of your socket and your true inseam.



Inseam - Measure the right leg from the underside of the crotch (known as the top inseam point) to the bottom side of the ankle (the lowest inseam point). (If you don't have someone to measure you I find it is easier to do it sitting down.)




Circumference Measurement - Measure up 1" from the bottom of your socket. (see illustration)