My History of Music Videos

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My History of Music Videos

Hello all, I just had another music video drop yesterday and thought I might share the whole history. I will tell all in advance that any links that follow are graphic and should not be viewed at work or in front of children without screening them first. They are graphic and violent and were all banned from MTV. They stretch back to 1993 when I was just a newbie in the entertainment industry and did a music video for Alice in Chains called "Rooster". This video went on tour with LaLaPalooza. Here goes

The next video to drop was for Madonna, in fact the next two to drop were for Madonna "What it Feels Like for a Girl"

and "American Life"    The former played once after 10pm because "Madonna is a moving force" The latter never played this version in the US. Little known note is Amy Purdy was brought in for this video and did a runway walk. Unfortuneately it was cut.

Next up is M.I.A.'s "Born Free"  This video is uber violent with nudity. Not For Children. I do wear a red-head wig. This video is finally weeding it's way into the US web.

Finally this past week the video "Tolerate"  from Girl Talk and Freeway dropped and they avoided MTV altoghether, mostly because MTV doesn't play videos anymore and it would never get played on public tv.


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