Body Surfing with the Liquid Xterra wetsuit conversion

Posted by Casey Pieretti

This afternoon I spent two hours in heavy pacific beach break body surfing with my daughter. My socket didn't come loose, didn't get wet on the inside and I never once had the sensation of losing my prosthesis. I wore a Renegade foot without the foot shell and was still able to ride the waves to the beach. It was a magical end of the summer session. The water wasn't all that cold so I used my old standby Xterra suit. When I say old I mean I bought this suit right when the company was starting up and have had it more than a decade. Like my Dad said, if you treat your equipment well it will make you look good! The wetsuit had been converted with our Liquid retainer cup. This system is so solid, so simple and so smart. There is no possible way your prosthesis is coming off unless the wetsuit rips, and the wetsuit will rip at a seam before our conversion comes off. The way it works is; 1. The retainer cup molds around the end of your socket so it cannot fall off, 2. We fit the suit so there is always upward pressure on your socket keeping water out and a nice positive interface between you and your socket. 3. It slips over a regular right angle prosthetic foot. I wear a size 12 Renegade foot and it makes the turn when I put it on or take it off no problem at all, while still leaving access to set bolts if you want it. It is smart because who can afford to lose their prosthesis? Finally, you want to look good in the water whether it be your family of trying to impress the right girl or guy.

I think the big thing most people don't get about our products is my persistence in making a device that works for me in my world. In my line of work I am expected to not ever have any problems and not ever ask for assistance or exception. If I do that will be that last time I work for that coordinator or company. I am expected to do whatever is necessary, set up, fall down, clean up and take care of my actor all the while. I demand the same of our devices or we don't sell them.

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