AMP'D Gear Agility

Rock Climbing Mountain Biking Bouldering

vertical climbingThis is the best all around mountain device ever made. This device excels in vertical climbing, excellent adhesion for bouldering with sweet smearing surfaces.  Add in built in SPD mounts for mountain biking and you have many great days on the mountain in your future.

Buyer will need to cut 30mm py

Key Features

Proprietary polyurethane climbing surface for superior adhesion and durability
Fauceted edges for solid toe holds

Faceted edges
Smearing heel surface




Smearing edges
Matching Fiveten climbing shoe so the other foot can keep up Spire

Now taking orders Agility with matching Spire shoe. $150.00

Spire shoe

Matching FiveTen downhill MTB Shoes Minaar Hellcat SPD


Now taking orders Agility with matching Minaar or Hellcat SPD $160.00

Mountain Combo Deal

Agility Climbing + Spire + Minaar or Hellcat SPD ONLY $185.00!